Apply for support from the municipality

If you help, support or care for a close relative, you may be entitled to respite services from the municipality based on an assistance assessment. Your relative applies for the service which, in turn, helps you as their carer.

As a carer, you cannot apply for support for a close relative who is legally competent unless you have power of attorney. The application may also be made via a trustee or guardian.

Book an appointment with the assistance office to apply

Interpreter available if you need one

We can arrange an interpreter if you find it difficult to understand Swedish or if your hearing is impaired. If you have impaired vision, you can have the decision and the report read out to you.

Application form

Either we write your application during the meeting or you take an application form with you that you can complete afterwards and give us or send to us. If you have a trustee or guardian, that person makes the application. If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or guardian makes the application.

Assistance case officer identifies your needs

When you have submitted your application, you will be assigned an assistance case officer with whom you will subsequently have personal contact. The case officer identifies what you need.