Services based on an assistance assessment

If you help, support or care for a close relative, you may be entitled to respite services from the municipality based on an assistance assessment. Your relative applies for the service which, in turn, helps you as their carer. To apply, contact the assistance office via Huddinge service centre.

The most common services with which you will come into contact as a carer are listed below.

Daytime activities at adult day centres

Daytime activities are designed for close relatives who live at home but want to get out and do various activities and meet other people. For example, going for a walk together, meeting for coffee or playing games. During this period, you, the carer, have some time for yourself. The municipality’s daytime activities are provided in various categories that govern the activities on offer.

Read more about daytime activities on Huddinge Municipality’s central website

Home help

If your close relative has a disability or is elderly and lives in their own home, they can apply for help with care and practical tasks at home. The help available to your close relative depends on what they need. You can always contact the assistance office if you want to know more about the services offered by the municipality.

Read more about home help for persons with disabilities on Huddinge Municipality’s central website

Read more about home help for the elderly on Huddinge Municipality’s central website

Homecare benefit

People who receive help and care at home from a relative can receive homecare benefit. This is paid to the person who receives the care. To receive homecare benefit, your close relative must be in need of help in excess of what is normal among family members, for example help with dressing, eating and personal hygiene. Contact the assistance office for more information.

Intermittent care

If you need regular respite, the person you care for can be offered intermittent care. The most common form is for this to be provided in two-week periods, with two weeks away and two weeks at home.

Personal alarm

Your close relative can apply for a personal alarm if he or she feels unsafe at home, or is worried about falling and being unable to get up again. A personal alarm allows your close relative to get help in an emergency.

Respite at home/respite service

If you care for a close relative in your own home, you can receive respite to have an opportunity to look after yourself and get out to do your own activities.

Respite is also available for carers who care for close relatives who are elderly.

Temporary place

If you, as a carer, need respite, your close relative can be assigned a temporary place, for example over a weekend or for a week.

Temporary stay

If your child is disabled and needs a change of environment and recreation, you can apply for a temporary stay. This may involve a temporary home, a stay with another family for a short time or a camp. In turn, this gives you respite as a carer.

Temporary supervision

If your child has a disability, is over 12 years old and goes to school, you can apply for supervision before and after school and during holidays. This assumes that you, their carer, are working or studying and that your child cannot be at home on their own at this time.